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TROO-buh-dawr, -dohr, -door


one of a class of medieval lyric poets who flourished principally in southern France from the 11th to 13th centuries, and wrote songs and poems of a complex metrical form in langue d’oc, chiefly on themes of courtly love. Compare trouvère.
any wandering singer or minstrel.

One day a troubadour appeared at the castle and was invited to stay and sing for the nobleman’s court.
— Thomas Sanchez , Day of the Bees , 2000

…whenever a troubadour lays down the guitar and takes up the sword trouble is sure to follow.
— O. Henry , Sixes and Sevens , 1902


While the origin of troubadour is not entirely known, it is thought to have come from Old Provencal trobar meaning “to find,” “invent a song” or compose in verse.

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Definition: any idyllic place or period, especially one of great happiness.
1. Any idyllic place or period, especially one of great happiness.
2. The legendary site of King Arthur’s palace and court, possibly near Exeter, England.
1. The glamorous ambience of Washington, D.C., during the administration of President John F. Kennedy, 1961–63.
1. A tiny house next to it had been the girl’s home for all the summers of her short life. It was her castle, her retreat, her hideaway, her Camelot.
– Matina Psyhogeos, Reaching for the Sky
2. His father’s voice brought him out of his Camelot reverie. Probably the old man was reading his mind and that would account for his sardonic smile under the raised eyebrows.
– Ward S. Just, Forgetfulness

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